Hairstylist Kadie shares Christmas hair trends

Kadie-Ann Brown, the owner of Kadie’s Beauty Salon.

The perfect Christmas hairstyle is one that will be appropriate for the many events you might have to attend throughout the season. It is classy, hot, and low maintenance. 

We’ve got Kadie-Ann Brown, owner of Kadie’s Beauty Salon in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, to give you her expert advice on these types of hairstyles. Brown has been a hairstylist for 15 years, and she absolutely loves her job!

Here are some of Kadie’s top picks.

Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

The half up, half down ponytail is trending this season (Photo: Pinterest)

According to Brown, this is the hairstyle that is trending this season. And with just 30 minutes spent to get it done, we can definitely see why. 

“Half up half down is basically a ponytail at the top and then a sew-in at the back. A lot of people like that look because it’s cute, and it’s trending right now. It’s very easy to manage because you don’t have to comb your hair or fix it up or anything, the ponytail will stay in place because of the gel, and it’s so efficient. It can fit in anywhere, if you want to go to a banquet or a birthday party or you just wanna go clubbing, it’s ideal,” she said.

Lace wigs

Wigs are never out of style. Brown has been making wigs for eight years. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

Hey, don’t throw away those wigs you’ve been wearing all year just yet, there’s a space in the season for them too.

“Everyone is installing lace wigs. It’s quick, easy and efficient. You have the glueless ones and you have the ones with glue. The glueless ones are the ones you have to do at home yourself,” she said.

“Most people don’t understand that a lace wig is not their real hair.”

— Kadie-Ann Brown

But when the festivities are over, then you should consider removing your wig.

“Most people don’t understand that a lace wig is not their real hair. It shouldn’t go over three weeks. Make sure it’s removed properly with a lace remover

But if you really wanna be trendy this holiday season, then you need to get a short bob curly wig.

Image result for short curly bob wigs
A short curly bob is the wig of choice this holiday season (Photo:

“It’s easy to maintain because you just wet it with water and go. When you have a shower you can just quickly run water through the front and it’s nice and pretty again,” she said.   

Add a little colour

If you really wanna make your hair ‘festive’, then you should also consider adding a little colour. 

Image result for burgundy short curly bob wigs
Add a little colour! (

“Christmas colours is always red, dark red, people go like burgundy, or blonde for Christmas,” Kadie said. 

But, Brown advises that if you’re not so into trends, that’s fine. Go with what you like, and what fits your budget.

“You can do regular sew-in, using two bundles of hair and do something looking natural and sleek,” she said.

You can also rock a regular sew-in this Christmas (Photo:

“A short cut is always gonna be in, it never dies. The only thing is that you have to maintain it. So you have to be getting to the hairdresser even two times a week,” she said.  

Image result for pixie haircut
A pixie cut is always a classy choice (Photo:

And if you have natural hair, then a silk press may be the perfect solution for that special occasion. 

Image result for silk press for natural hair
A silk press is ideal for naturalistas who want to switch it up! (Photo:

But at the end of the day, do what makes you happy. BUZZ fam, I think we can all agree that when your hair is done, you feel happy.