‘Haley a mi don’: Elephant Man shares special friendship with his daughter

Elephant Man gets a kiss from his daughter, Haley.
Elephant Man gets a kiss from his daughter, Haley.

Forget the many friends. Ditch the groupies and the entourage. Elephant Man’s daughter, Haley Bryan, is his true friend.

“Haley a mi don. She come een like mi likkle soldier. A mi daughter, but she come een like mi fren, mi soldier. If you see how mi move, mi nuh inna di bag a fren ting cause we live and learn how wicked mankind can be, so mi just mek Haley be my fren,” Elephant Man told BUZZ, noting that he doesn’t have as many friends as he used to.

” A mi daughter, but she come een like mi fren.”

— Elephant Man

Elephant Man explained that the special bond he has with his daughter began the moment she was born.

“Haley, me and har madda used to live. She grow wid me. Haley a di first pickney weh mi have weh born weh me and har madda live inna one house,” he said.

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While he has a special relationship with Haley, Elephant Man insists that he loves all his 15 children in the same way. The difference, he said, is that the other kids grew up abroad or with their mothers.

Haley is often seen dancing alongside her dad at stage shows, and many times she is with him at the studio. Now that she is learning the ropes, Elephant Man wouldn’t be opposed to her following in his footsteps.

Dancehall artiste Elephant Man

“Mi been a bring Haley inna music from long time, show her the ropes and she see weh har fadda go through. She understand di ting,” he said.

“She love dance. Mi nuh know if she a go tek up the baton and carry on di ting. It inna har DNA, so I wouldn’t be surprised. So far, mi neva hear har a deejay or sing, but mi know she can dance.”