Halloween movie throwback

Halloween is a celebration on October 31 for which people decorate their homes with carved pumpkins, skeletons, fake spider webs and play creepy music. Some people celebrate by making the rounds at the various parties, while others go trick or treating (mainly in the United States). But for some people, they stay home and feast on scary movies.

Here is a list of throwback movies that scared our tiny little pants off as kids. These had us screaming and shaking — muahahahaaa!

Twitches and Twitches Too

Halloweentown 1-3

Hocus Pocus 

The Addams Family 

The Seed Of Chucky 

The Haunted Mansion 

Jeepers Creepers

Freddy vs Jason

Candy Man 

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Have fun being scared out your wits… that’s if you choose to watch these movies. Get your popcorn and candy ready. Round up your team. Ready, set, go…