Has Spice found a new man? People are wondering…

The rumour mill is churning again, and many people are now wondering if dancehall artiste Spice has found a new man.

Many people are now wondering if Spice has a new man after this photo surfaced online.

This latest speculation comes after Spice was seen in a picture with Justin Budd, who is executive producer and director of photography for JBudd Media Inc. In the photo that was shared on a popular blog on Monday night, the two were rather close, appearing to lock lips, but Spice’s hand was covering their mouths. His hands were also firmly placed on her buttocks.

It appears the photo was taken recently, as Spice was wearing the same outfit and red hair that she wore for her performance in New Jersey about a week ago.

Spice wore this outfit for her performance in New Jersey recently. (Photo: Instagram @spiceofficial)

Despite the closeness in the picture, many are questioning if the kiss was real and if there is in fact a relationship between the two.

“Mi nuh too trust da picha yah…..knowing spice this cud all be a stunt,” one person said.

“Knowing how spice fulla style, me still no convince that this is her partner. She love pull off stunt,” another added.

Even though the picture surfaced online on Monday night, Spice is yet to respond although she has made several posts on her Instagram page since then.