He put a ring on it! Nikki Chromaz is now engaged

After dating for a year, social media influencer Nikki Chromaz and her offline boo, Damian Facey, are officially engaged.

Nikki Chromazz and her fiance, Damian Facey

The Chrome White CEO shared the news by posting a clip of the special moment on her Instagram page.

In the video posted on Tuesday, Facey approaches Chromazz and goes on bended knee to pop the question. She doesn’t seem shocked and points to people in the background who helped to curate the surprise before saying “yes baby” then hugging him.

“Spanish Court Hotel staff, ya’ll pranked me!” she captioned. “I love you my baby, you’ve changed my life without even trying. And I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me. I’d choose you a hundred times. Happy soon to be wife over here. Mrs.facey.”

Message for naysayers

The post preceded another with photos of the couple and a special message for the year-long naysayers.

“I love you my baby, you’ve changed my life without even trying.”

— Nikki Chromaz

“They hated us for no reason and now look at us, happy as ever,” she said. “We lasted a whole year that they thought would be impossible. Thank you so much for putting these sad motherf***ers to SHAME!. you just cant fight real love. im the happiest fatty right now. I guess 2020 isnt that bad after all. Your no longer my man, Your my fiance. MANY MORE YEARS TO COME MY HUBBY. thanks for the love guys.”

She also followed up with a close-up of her diamond-encrusted ring, which she shared to her Instagram Story and commended her boo for choosing based on her affinity for icy things.

Love story

The couple’s story began in 2019 after they met at Sandz. She has shared in Live videos how Facey would consistently ask her to find him a girlfriend, which she tried to do by handing him her former pal, Pascoe. That didn’t work out, and he made his plea again. After some time Chromazz realised he was really talking about her, and the two decided to give it a go. Plus, it helped that he was business-savvy and was guiding her in her various business ventures.

Damian Facey helps Nikki Chromazz to show off her ring.

Their relationship has been the centre of controversy as women have come out of the woodwork claiming to be involved with Facey, while others have brought up his past to argue that he’ll eventually leave her. For this, Chromazz has had no issues battling with naysayers online, always adding that her happiness and livelihood won’t come to an end if he should leave. Pregnancy rumours have also swirled, which she aided by embracing it recently, even promoting a baby shower date and location where fans could drop off gifts. She later revealed she was only playing along.


Throughout it all, fans seem most happy about her overall transformation, from the social media staple who lived at Rosalee Avenue with her dancing friends to the businesswoman with multiple ventures, a new address and less time for cyber wars. Settling down and becoming a “Mrs” is a plus.

“Awwwwww congrats,” said one fan. “Mi feel like bawl caz mi feel like mi watch yuh grow from old Nikki to this grown Nikki.”

“Come cross aunty! From bimma body to Mrs Facey,” one user said. “And you find a decent, clean cut!!! Yeyyyy gyal. Ghetto princess now a Queen.”