‘Heads up boo’: Konshens’ wife responds to breakup post

Konshens and his wife, Latoya, on their wedding day.

Dancehall artiste Konshens’ breakup post on Wednesday was very emotional, but it didn’t seem to move his wife enough to take him back.

The deejay laid all his cards on the table, poured his heart out and moved some persons to tears when he admitted that he caused the relationship with his wife, Latoya, to come to an end. He went as far as to tell his one million followers that she also prevented him from taking his life after his brother, Delus, died in 2016.

“Me still find so many ways fi mek this f**k up.”

— Konshens

He showered her with praises and described her as his ‘queen’. He also took the opportunity to thank her for guiding him financially and helping him to raise his kids. Yet, “me still find so many ways fi mek this f**k up,” he said.

Dancehall artiste Konshens

More than 8,000 persons commented on the post that also received in excess of 119,000 likes.

However, Latoya didn’t seem as moved as Konshens’ followers and well-wishers.

“Heads up boo! You got this! @konshens,” she said in her Instagram story three hours after the deejay made his tear-jerking post.

She later shared several videos about being ‘stranded’ in Portland, Jamaica.

This latest incident between Konshens and his wife comes just weeks after they celebrated their second anniversary. However, in August it appeared as if they went their separate ways when his wife disclosed on social media that they were no longer a couple.