Hell no! Asafa’s wife, Alyshia, won’t clean their chicken coop

Now a YouTuber, sprinter Asafa Powell is sharing various aspects of his life, including the fact that his wife, Alyshia, refuses to clean their chicken coop.

Asafa Powell and his wife, Alyshia

In a video posted on their YouTube page on Tuesday, Asafa was gearing up to clean the chicken coop in their yard when his wife walked on to the scene.

While one chicken with poop on its feet walks around, Asafa asked Alyshia to help him clean the coop.

“Hell no,” she said. “Why does their foot look like that? Is that just build-up of dirt? Poop? Ewwww, you have to wash them,” she said.

Asafa’s response: “Wash wah?

The sprinter then attempts to remove the many things that were stuck on the chicken’s feet.

“I am so shook about how it has fermented on its nails like that. It can’t even walk properly,” Alyshia said.

As she stood looking at the coop and chickens with disgust, Asafa got busy cleaning the coop before a second attempt at improving the appearance of the chicken’s feet.

While applauding his efforts, viewers encouraged the sprinter, who is from St Catherine, to put sawdust on the floor of the coop to prevent the space from getting as messy in the future.