‘Hello Darkness’: WhatsApp goes dark…finally

WhatsApp now has a Dark Mode.

FINALLY!!! 🙌🏾 The Facebook-owned messaging app updated its iOS and Android apps to include the much-desired feature.

After a lengthy beta testing phase, official updates began rolling out yesterday (March 3) for iOS and Android devices alike.

With dark mode, users will benefit from a much dimmer WhatsApp at nights or in a low-light environment.

Dark Mode for Android looks dark grey. (Photo: WhatsApp)

To promote the new feature, WhatsApp posted a 1-minute YouTube video showing several individuals squinting as blindingly bright displays overwhelmed their eyeballs.

Dark Mode has been a much-requested feature on WhatsApp since the trend started with other tech companies. Other messaging apps like Signal, iMessage, Viber and Telegram have had dark themes. It’s great to finally have that feature on the most used messaging app on the planet.

WhatsApp Dark Mode for iOS. (Photo: WhatsApp)

.WhatsApp is the latest platform to get a dark mode. Microsoft has already implemented the feature in Windows 10, Apple has had it on its Macs and introduced the feature to iPhones with iOS 13.

Along with reduced eye fatigue, the new dark mode helps reduce light nuisance when sharing a dark space with others. Few things are as annoying as a bright screen in the cinema when you’re trying to enjoy your movie.

Another benefit to dark modes is improved battery life. OLED screens can shut off pixels that are not in use. Hence, a dark mode in WhatsApp will no doubt contribute to better battery life for those of us who spend countless hours messaging family and friends.

If you have a system-wide dark mode enabled on an iOS 13 or Android 10 device, WhatsApp should already go dark, provided you have the latest update. If you’re on Android 9, you’ll have to enable it manually.

To turn on dark mode manually on an iPhone with iOS 13, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and select Dark from the two options presented under Appearance. For Android open WhatsApp and tap More options > Settings > Chats > Theme then Dark.

WhatsApp already offers a plethora of features and dark mode is something it’s over 2 billion users will be grateful to have.

BUZZ Fam, check out the video below and let us know what you think of Dark Mode in the comments.