Here comes ‘Singy Ali’: Tarrus Riley gets into boxing

Jamaican singer Tarrus Riley has been living healthier with diet and exercise, and now he’s trying his hands at boxing.

Singer Tarrus Riley is all smiles in his boxing gloves. (Photo: Instagram – Tarrus Riley)

On Thursday, decked in boxing gloves, Tarrus shared that he has decided to try boxing. Showing off some foot and hand movements that he probably learnt on the day, he said: “Yes, Thursday. Wi deh ya enuh. Singy Ali, yuh hear dat. Mek sure yuh up and… Mi nah hurt nobody man, a music mi sing.”

Pretending to take a jab, he mumbles: “But don’t ramp wid wi.”

He captioned the post, saying: Happy Thursday. Singy Ali inna di Building 🤣 #LiveItUp.”

In a now-deleted post that was also shared on Thursday, Tarrus suggested that it was his first time doing boxing as he sparred with a trainer.

As expected, many people who viewed Tarrus’ post made references to boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

“Fly like a butterfly, sing like Riley,” one social media user said.

“All time champ singy Ali. The only beatn him eva take was from his motha,” another added.

One person followed, saying: “Yes…punch out the bad vibes…only good vibes we want right…love ya!! Babe❤️”

As he tries his hands at different things, music continues to go well for Tarrus, as his recent album, Healing, is doing well. In addition, the music video for Lighter, a collaboration with Shenseea that is also on the album, has racked up more than 16 million views on YouTube since being released last month.