Here’s how Wayne Marshall lost his US visa almost 15 years ago

Entertainer Wayne Marshall is quite the family man, but he, too, has had his brush with the law, even being deported from the United States more than 10 years ago.

Entertainer Wayne Marshall

His troubles started 15 years ago after leaving a show in Miami, Florida. He said that he was on his way to see his pregnant girlfriend when his bag was searched at the airport. While his bag was being searched, a hidden zipper that he completely forgot about was discovered.

“The guy guh so and pull the zipper, and mi see a likkle plastic peep out. Right deh so now mi get a bad vibes, a bad feeling come over me,” Wayne tells wife Tami Chynn during their Meet The Mitchells YouTube vlog that was uploaded on Sunday.

“Me now a wonder a wah dat cause mi not even memba da zipper deh. The man go so and pull out a small bag of marijuana.”

He said he was then arrested and brought to the police station where he was eventually charged.

Wayne, who was a very popular artiste in Jamaica at the time, said that he eventually remembered that his friend had put the weed in his bag when they were leaving a ‘country’ trip in Jamaica about six months before.

More troubles

Eventually, he got bail and returned to Jamaica. But this meant that he had to make many trips to and from the United States to attend court.

But during one of these many trips, his troubles got worse.

“On the sixth trip, something happens. For some reason, this immigration officer, a female, decides that she don’t trust me,” he said. “I don’t know what because I was back and forth and obviously she saw that… she nah tek dat, she send me back a Jamaica. She said: ‘I’m sorry. I’m not letting you into the United States of America’.”

He added: “When you thought this situation couldn’t get worse, here I am about to be deported… I have just missed the birth of my son based on this because I can’t fly.”

Wayne said that he asked that the birth of his son, Giomar, be recorded.

The entertainer would eventually beat the misdemeanour case and get back his US visa years later. However, he said that every time he goes to the United States, he now has to go through a secondary check.