Hey, coronavirus go away! Stephen Mcgregor’s daughter creates catchy song

Stephen McGregor’s daughter, Lai Lai

Newsflash parents! you’re not the only ones who are totally fed up being stuck at home homeschooling the kids, they’re just as fed up with your teaching skills too.

We never thought we’d see it, but the kids would actually like to be back in school.

At least that’s according to producer Stephen McGregor’s six-year-old daughter, Lai Lai.

McGregor shared a video of his daughter on his Instagram singing about being ‘bored’ at home because of coronavirus.

“Shut out to my school for closing school but I’m booorrred,” she sang.

He shared that he created the beat but it was his daughter who wrote the lyrics to the song. This is no surprise to us, after all, she is a Mcgregor!

The video has racked up more than three thousand views, with persons commenting that they understand the sentiments.