High drama! Jamaican Twitterati reacts to Asafa Powell paternity case

Asafa Powell is trending on Twitter and it feels like the 2000s all over again *places hands on head* (Photo: Jamaicans.com)

Jamaican sprint great Asafa Powell and his child maintenance case against Amita Persaud-Webb has elicited mixed reactions (and harsh criticisms) from local Twitter users.

It’s rough out in these virtual streets, a fact that Powell may (or maybe not) be aware of after the Jamaican Twitterati unceremoniously learned of his case against Amita in Family Court on Thursday (July 30).

The former world record-holder became and has remained the number one trending topic on Twitter and Jamaican users of the social media platform went in, BUZZ fam!

So for those who missed the deets yesterday, the self-proclaimed ‘Sub-10 King’ appeared before the Family Court in Kinsgton and St Andrew, asking for a paternity test for the seven-year-old child he shares with Amita.

It is understood that Persaud-Webb, represented by attorney Michelle Thomas, filed papers seeking $40,000 a month for child maintenance.

There are those who outright slammed the 37-year-old Powell for suggesting the child wasn’t his in the first place when, according to them, she couldn’t ‘belong to anyone else’.

Some questioned if the Jamaican was harbouring such suspicions, why wait until the child is old enough to understand what is happening to query his paternal ties?

And if the test returns with a positive affirmation Powell had sired his daughter, what does it mean for his extended family? Were they never close to begin with?

Others claimed that for a man with such an extravagant lifestyle – with the fleet of cars and mansion to boot – to be hauled in court for what could be considered for Powell an ‘inconsequential amount’ towards the welfare of his own daughter speaks to him as a man.

While a few more defended the embattled track sensation, saying if he has doubts then he is within his rights to have those apprehensions addressed before moving forward.

The rest of Jamaican Twitter was at their best with prime ‘memeage’, trolling the unfortunate situation for nothing more than comedic value.

kafggsjhha— Help me, BUZZ fam.

Neither Powell nor Persaud-Webb has made a public statement, and probably never will as the matter is currently before the courts, with a gag order placed on its proceedings. Both are set to reappear on Friday, October 9.