Holiday fashion hacks from D’Angel

The Yuletide season is filled with events – from office parties and family dinners to weddings and fancy soirees, and no one wants to look crazy when those photos hit the ‘gram’.

Former model and eternal fashionista D’Angel has been burning it up on social media this year with her trendy looks, which range from everyday mom swag, sexy date night and ‘girl’s night out’ looks, to avant-garde and going stylish on a budget.

The Blaze singjay stopped by our BUZZ style corner this week to offer ladies five fashion hacks that are a sure win for the holidays. Let’s go!

D’Angel says it’s important to be comfortable and confident.

Don’t splurge on name brands

D’Angel: “I’m not big on brands. Mi nah go put on big brands throughout the year and done mi money. Once it looks good, I will wear it, that is what should matter. Wear what looks good to you.”

Be comfortable

D’Angel:Wear what you’re comfortable in. It doesn’t matter what it is, once you feel comfortable in what you have, just wear it to the best of your ability.”

Which brings us to her third tip…

Be confident

D’Angel: “Me mek clothes look good, clothes don’t make me look good. You have to be confident in what you’re wearing. If you’re not, it shows.”

Boots are in for the season, according to D’Angel.

Yaaaaasssss to thigh-high boots

D’Angel: “Boots are for the season. It’s Christmas season so you gotta go thigh-high boots and all these things. My legs are long, so I wear things that accentuate my body. So, wear things that accentuate your curves, your body, and do well and justice to your body.”

Convenient hairstyles

D’Angel: “I’m rocking a pixie cut now because I wear what I want to wear and do what I want to do. It’s easier. Mi nah fi try do long curls to mi hair or put on nuh wig. Mi just do some simple curls, and I’m out the door. If you wanna do a pixie cut, you can do it, it’s Christmas and it’s easy.”