Honey Milan labeled a ‘yam head’ for Skillibeng Tattoo on forehead

Upcoming artiste Honey Milan has been catching some serious flak after she debuted a new tattoo on her forehead with fellow dancehall artiste Skillibeng’s name.

Following confirmation that the tattoo is indeed real, after some questioned the authenticity of the body art, the self styled Chappa Gyal has been receiving some harsh criticism with some even labeling her as a ‘yam head’ for her actions.

‘Yam Head’ is a term that was popularized locally by social media influencer Danar Royal and usually refers to a female who is made to look like a fool by her partner. She’s often blindly in love and doesn’t realize that she’s being used.

While the tattoo has garnered plenty of attention, which some critics say was the intended purpose suggesting that Honey Milan’s inked forehead is a classic case of a publicity stunt, many have gone on to speculate that her career may be short-lived.

“Duh this a gimmicks, but how far will it get this Yam Head, “ said one Instagram user commenting on a photo of Honey Milan’s tattoo.

“When u fuse a ‘Yamhead’ & ‘Skillibeng’ together, this is what you get” added another.

The onslaught continued with every Tom, Dick and Harry taking to social media platforms to share their two cents on Milan’s tattoo.

“Bachelor of Yamcology being presented to Honey Milan” quipped one IG user.

“Skillibeng tun famer tpc, him plant the biggest yam in history,” chimed in another.

The onslaught continued with “you take the cake ma, you’re officially the CEO of the Yamhead club. Hell, u anuh just the head, u is the leaf, root, stem, everything” another person commented.

Others sought to get clarity on why it happened and what she planned to do if they were to break up. “So when him leff or u leff how ago go. U ago cover it up wid ROSES, why the forehead though” one reader asked.

Despite being relatively young in the business, this is not the first time Milan has been at the centre of controversy.

Most recently Milan and Skillibeng’s team were served with legal documents after hardware company Rapid True Value complained that their logo was visible in video for ‘Chappa Gyal’, which portrayed the store in a bad light, as a den of illegal activities.

The video was subsequently pulled from platforms, edited and re-uploaded .

Honey Milan and the Eastsyde strongman were said to be in a relationship. She indicated that they were living together and even met his mom.

 They recently collaborated on the track ‘Chappa Gyal’ which has garnered close to 500k streams on YouTube.