Hood Celebrityy capitalizes on pure sexual status with ‘Virgin’ single

After stunning fans with news that she’s still a virgin, dancehall artiste, HoodCelebrityy, has sought to capitalize on her sexual status, with an appropriately titled track.

“Virgin” was released on September 15 just days after she made the revelation on Angela Yee’s ‘Lip Service podcast.

During the podcast she shared with the world that she is still a virgin .

“I’ve never had nothing go inside of me at all,” she said.

This revelation shocked not only those sitting with her but persons on the internet who just could not believe the statement.

She further shared that she had never used a sexual toy.

“I’ve never had anything inside of me, like no dildos, no dicks, like I’ve had like humping and then you know” she said.

However, Hood Celebrityy said that she had engaged in oral sex.

The US based artiste dropped the video for Virgin on Friday (September 24) which boasts steamy imagery of the Hood Celebrityy that coincides perfectly with the words in the raunchy track.

Mainly shot in a bedroom setting, during the video the Portmore native performs a number of sensual and suggestive actions while rocking a red two piece.

In Jamaican culture special significance is paced on virginity, with it being viewed as a sign of personal purity, honor, and worth.