HoodCelebrityy says she’s still a virgin

Dancehall artiste HoodCelebrityy

Dancehall artiste HoodCelebrityy says she’s yet to turn in her V-card. The 30-year-old Walking Trophy singer confessed to hosts of the Lip Service podcast  Angela Yee and Soca singer Alison Hinds that she’s still a virgin.

“I’m a virgin. I’ve never had nothing go inside of me at all,” Hoodcelebrityy told the shocked hosts.

Naturally, all the ladies on the podcast wanted to know how, and why? HoodCelebrityy had earlier shared that she was “into girls” and had not dated a man in a long time.

“Not a finger?” asked one of the other ladies on the show.

Yee chimed in; “But you got a tongue in it?” to which HoodCelebrityy admitted, “Oh definitely yeah!”

And nope, she hasn’t even tried any sex toys either. “I’ve never had anything inside of me, like no d-ldos no d-cks. Like I’ve had like humping and then you know …”

HoodCelebrityy didn’t exactly tell the hosts of the podcast why she remained a virgin all these years, but after posting a clip of the interview to her Instagram, she told a fan who asked why that it was because her mother was “very strict”.

However, she is willing to change that status to conceive a child.

“I’m a be honest with you. I do want to have my kid so it will be like when I lose my virginity it will be when I have my kid. And it have to be with a special, different type of nigga.”