HoodCelebrityy to drop ‘Virgin’ tomorrow

Dancehall artiste HoodCelebrityy

Jamaican-born artiste HoodCelebrityy is set to drop a new single on Wednesday, September 15, entitled Virgin. The track comes just days after the  Portmore native revealed that, despite being 30-years-old, she is actually a virgin.

She announced the track on her Instagram where she shared a snippet. She captioned the post with “it a squeeze me virgin dropping Wednesday.”

Despite sharing only a short snippet, the lines so far indicate that the song might be on the raunchy side.  
“No regular key can open my padlock, If the sex did whack then a instant delete, If him don’t want eat send him back to the streets, Life too short fi don’t have a freak, na no secret fi keep, still feel like a virgin,” she sings.

 The song is produced by Trackstarr Music, the label responsible for her breakout hit Walking Trophy