Housewife behaviour: Spice cooks delicious-looking thanksgiving dinner for her boo

Dancehall artiste Spice with her boo, Justin Budd

Dancehall artiste Spice is totally embracing her role as a “housewife” now. The Queen of the Dancehall was over in Atlanta Georgia on Thursday (November 26) cooking thanksgiving dinner for her man.

The Suh Mi Like It artiste showed her over three million Instagram followers a delicious looking dinner that included; rice and peas, pasta, potato salad, shrimp, crabs lobster, fish, salmon, curried chicken, and of course, oxtail.

Spice really did throw it down in the kitchen and she knew it too.

“Mi want uno look good pan housewife,” she said. “Housewife behaviour mi go today, today mi really come right out, and mi aguh show uno from step one how mi come out inna di kitchen.Uno feel like seh girl just cya skin out suh? No, girl can cook, girl can go inna kitchen and put something together to feed Rasta (her boo-Justin Budd).”

She then proceeded to show her fans all that she has been cooking all day, and trust us when we say, everything looked so mouth-watering.

Spice explained that cooking came naturally to her, as her mother was also a cook.

“My mom was a cook, my mom used to have a cook shop and so cooking is naturally in me, nobody never really teach me,” she said.