How comes?! Scotiabank customers overcharged up to 3 times cost of US$ transactions

Many Scotiabank customers in Jamaica have taken to social media to complain of being overcharged for online purchases.

The error stems from the bank’s calculation of purchases using incorrect exchange rate, which left many saying they paid up to three times the value of their items.

One customer complained that she made a purchase for US$32.89 for which the bank charged her J$14,141.38, adding “I’m sick.”

Numerous warnings had come from other users who seemed to have experienced issues with the bank’s platform, with one saying “Take my humble advice. Delay making inline or US transaction purchases in the next 48 hours or so.”

Scotiabank shared a release via its social media pages a short while ago, saying it is aware some customers were charged using an incorrect exchange rate for US dollar transactions but said the issue has now been “resolved” and “all current transactions are now being processed at the correct rate”.