‘How dare you?’ Jamaicans, West Africans engage in Twitter war over culture

First of all, weh yuh know bout wi?

Guys…GUYS!  Please, can’t we just get along?

Not even days after Miss Nigeria captured hearts for her genuine display of affection towards Jamaica’s Miss World Toni-Ann Singh winning the title, a virtual war wages on Twitter on Monday.

Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas, celebrates Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh on winning the Miss World crown in London on Saturday (Photo: Miss World)

The conversation seemingly started when one Twitter user, @TorrezDesrae, called out #WestAfricanTwitter for hating on Jamaican culture, despite its global impact and significance – and the Africans came out swinging.

One Ghanaian user, @ItsSaabyra, triggered the entire #JamaicanTwitter timeline with the most titanic of reaches when she claimed that the island, by virtue of being of West African descendants, has little to no “authentic culture”.

“‘Jamaica’ derives from the Twi language which translates as ‘we’re probably stuck’.  Jamaica’s flag is inspired by the colours of the Ashanti Kingdom’s flag,” she began.

“[T]ake away West African influence and you have little to no culture. You descend from WA ancestors. sit this one out,” @ItsSaabyra added, and just like that, a new Twitter war was born.

Listen, what happened to all the black unity from Saturday?

Tweets have been lobbed from both ends of the conversation, as Jamaicans and West Africans defend their respective arguments.


It would seem the same Nigerians, who were cheering Jamaica just a day ago, have sided with Ghana in the Twitter war, as the island nation, in true yaadie style, stands alone to defend itself.

Jamaican Twitter users quickly addressed the Nigerians, declaring that the island actually credits its name from the ‘original’ inhabitants, the Taino Indians.