How did you know Safaree was Jamaican?

Safaree has always been very proud of his Jamaican heritage. He never passes a chance to show it off. Whether it’s speaking in overly exaggerated patois, or being the loudest among friends vibing to reggae or dancehall music, Safaree is Jamaican, and the world needs to know it.

And we dare say, we think the world actually knows it by now. Especially after he posted his recent Jamaican themed photo on Instagram.

A bike, embellished with the black green and gold colours of the Jamaican flag, a matching football, phone case, and a jacket. Safaree, smugged with the added ‘kool factor’ that he obviously believes being Jamaican gives him, dances to Sister Nancy’s 1982 hit song, Bam Bam.

Safaree looking directly in the camera, asked; “How did you know I was Jamaican?”