Hypocrisy? Jamaican Gov’t slammed for allowing Sigma Run during pandemic

 While stakeholders in the Jamaican entertainment industry continue to grapple with the shutdown of the sector, runners were seen clocking in the kilometres at the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run on Sunday (February 21) in New Kingston. 

While an aspect of the event was advertised as ‘virtual’, Jamaicans who saw police personnel among other officials cordoning off sections of the Corporate Area were shocked to see the crowd, estimated at approximately 100 participants, that turned out for the event.

“Can imagine how our athletes must feel, seeing that Sigma video? In an Olympic year. The fact that they allowed Sigma with 100 participants means that they approved their protocols. Why can’t the same can’t be done for other track meets? Athletes nuh have pension enu. Smh,” said one Twitter user who questioned how such an event could be allowed. 

“I’m so over the hypocrisy of this government. Sigma Run can keep but I Cyaa go Wendy’s at night when I’m hungry,” added another user,  who was also clearly confused about the logic used to allow for the holding of the event. 

Many more of the 9,000-plus tweets shared about the Sigma Run slammed the government as hypocritical for allowing the event pointing to the announcement in Parliament three weeks prior which clawed back the curfew by two hours and further restricted gatherings, scaling it down from 15 to 10 people. 

Over the past three weeks, Jamaica has recorded over 5,300 infections with 458 new cases of that coming on Saturday, just one day prior to the run.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, alongside Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton, has maintained that illegal gatherings and scant regard for COVID-19 protocols have resulted in the spike in cases.

Holness has said the curfew measures and the reduction in the gathering limit are the most effective measures in limiting the spread of the virus.