Hypocrites! Ce’Cile blasts DJs for playing songs that promote rape

Dancehall artiste Ce’cile

Dancehall artiste Ce’Cile has taken issue with some disc jockeys who have added their voices to call for the end of violence against women.

In a post on Instagram, Ce’Cile labeled them as “hypocrites”, and urged them to do some introspection.

“I’m looking in disbelief at some DJocks and selectors saying rapists fi dead and mi kaa believe this. Check yuh dub box mi G. Mi bbc oonu a hypocrite,” she wrote.

In the caption the Can You Do the Work artiste chided them for not being serious about the fight.

“Dutty hypocrite. Watch all oonu too now.me soon delete this but im showing u why this is just running off mouths. We not serious in taking a stance.”

Her post was immediately flooded with comments agreeing with her view.

“They also don’t understand that violence against women won’t change until we stop casually accepting violence against any of the vulnerable members of society,” one fan commented.

“Make a next post explain to them how their actions perpetuate violence against women and girls. I truly believe some of them they don’t know. Then the other argument is why do women bruk out to said songs? The cycle needs to break THIS IS NOT CULTURE,” another added.

“Listen there is a song I heard that said “before I be a ba**y man, I prefer be a raper” to my astonishment that is a song selectors Pull up in parties. we have a real problem and it starts with all of us!” someone wrote.