#ReasonsToDrive Hyundai — Company unveils Venue and Corporate Fleet Service

Last Thursday evening (Oct 10) Magna Motors Dealership Limited, the exclusive dealer of Hyundai vehicles in Jamaica, unveiled the newest addition to its product portfolio, the Hyundai Venue.

The launch also served as the inauguration of the Magna Corporate Fleet Service, which includes trucks, minivans and sport utility vehicles.

Hyundai Venue and Magna Corporate Fleet Services

Held under the theme #ReasonstoDrive, the launch served as a meeting ground for Magna Motors’ corporate clients, finance partners, and sales team and executives.

Hyundai Venue

The all-new Venue will join Magna Motors’ SUV line of Hyundai Creta, Tucson and Santa Fe.

See stylish Hyundai Creta and Santa Fe in gallery below.

Described by Sales Manager Etus Coleman as “solid, trendy and youthful”, here are the five #ReasonstoDrive the Hyundai Venue.

Hyundai Venue


Beginning at US$28,000, the Hyundai Venue is competitively priced with other SUVs in its class. The vehicle is available in 10 different colours and the option to “spice them up with two-tone variations”, Coleman informed.

Hyundai Venue

Under the Hood

“With a 123 horsepower and a 1600 aspirated engine, Venue is capable of going a maximum 196 kilometres per hour,” Coleman said at the reveal.

Under the hood of Hyundai Venue


The Hyundai Venue boasts both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which means an intelligent navigation system which can redirect drivers in order to avoid traffic. What’s more: The Bluetooth feature allows drivers to answer their cellphones without touching the device.

Hyundai Venue boasts both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay


Added to the technological features, the five-seater Hyundai Venue comes with adequate leg room for passengers and “generous trunk space”, according to Coleman. And should there be a need for more storage, back passenger seats can be folded to provide even more trunk space.

Warranty and after-sales service

Hyundai Venue generous trunk space

“If you buy a car like this, you’re looking at a five-year warranty, two years of service and five years’ roadside assistance,” Coleman told BUZZ.