‘I almost died’: DJ Kurt Riley thanks God for saving him

Grateful to be alive, disc jock Kurt Riley has opened up to his followers on social media, telling them that he was at death’s door weeks ago.

Riley, who celebrated his birthday in July, explained that he was celebrating the milestone for weeks, going to various spots across Jamaica and drinking ‘top shelf’ liquor. Two weeks later, he got food poisoning and vomited for days.

“The week after that, rain wet me so you know what that comes with, fever, cold, flu, runny nose and ting (look like covid). I was told to go get check out but yu know man n doctor,” Riley said in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

“Pree this now, one day I asked my neighbour for a prescription, and he sorted it based on the symptoms I explained I had but I still I felt a way, still couldn’t eat and always throwing up. Think it was the Monday I asked him if he could take me to UWI because I feel dehydrated and all I need was an IV to help.”

Admitted to hospital

He said that when he was checked by a doctor, it was recommended that he be admitted to hospital.

Riley said that was the beginning of his two-week hospitalisation at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

“I was told I had alcohol withdrawal something and covid and it was very serious,” he said, adding that he isolated in the intensive care unit.

Luckily, when the results came back, his COVID-19 test was negative, and he was moved to another section of the hospital.

But that was not the end of his woes.

“2 arms string up like sound with needles and crazy plastic bag of things going into my body as well as I was on a ventilator. Listen to me, I had to ask someone to remind who I was because I was going out of my mind, no joke, I was hallucinating,” Riley said.

“The Patient Care Attendant after a week and a half told me I wasn’t supposed to come back. I said what to you mean? Ppl the man seh in the state I was in I wasn’t supposed to be alive basically. Everybody who go there nuh come back.”

Riley continued: “The reality is, my system shut down. Dem seh if my body supposed to have 10 gallons of water, I had a teaspoon. All now I don’t know how I got here.”

Prayers and support

On Sunday, Riley shared that he was out of hospital and doing better. This announcement came more than a week after it was revealed that he was in hospital.

Like he did on Sunday, Riley again expressed gratitude for the love and support he received while in hospital.

“Besides Dr Han and the staff at UWI, I’m alive because of prayer from everyone a swear. I know I can’t give enough thanks,” he said.

“To my daughters and brothers Andre and Frankie, to all who wished me well, the few who were able to get me on my phone after it got charged, the few who came to see me, all who gave blood, the bredrin who brought the juice dem from stand pipe, the thousands of ppl who dm me, mi thank you straight from my heart, and I still can’t thank you all enough.”

Based on the frightening experience, Riley said that he plans to make some lifestyle changes.

“With tears in my eyes as I write this I’m sorry for scaring you all, it all came down suddenly on me and for now, I have to make changes to my lifestyle,” he said.

“Thank you all for the well wishes, I owe God and you all my life. It’s time to “Wake up and live”. Again, thanks for saving my life.”