‘I am a romantic guy’: Bounty Killer says he enjoys making love to his woman

Bounty Killer isn’t always cross, angry and miserable.

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer

Nope, not at all.

The deejay recently shared that he is a romantic man and isn’t afraid to express his love to his partner.

“I am a human being,” he told host Spice as she interviewed him on Magnum Hub TV’s Spice It Up recently.

“I am a Gemini. A Gemini must have that tender side to him. I am just a gladiator Gemini where most of the hardcore side comes up, but I am a romantic guy. I am a loving person. I love to make love to my woman. Badman have fi dem way of making love.”

Tenderness and compassion

The ‘Warlord’ explained that even seemingly bad men have their ways of showing tenderness and compassion to their partners.

“I am a loving man, but I might not have it in the public eye. But if you ask my lady, she can tell you. And I am not shy if people should see. I just don’t market it or parade it, but it’s there,” the Say You Leaving artiste said.

No lies were told there, as the public got a taste of his tender side recently when he celebrated his ladylove, Claudia Rattigan, on her birthday, describing her as his queen. He also shared clips from their mini-vacation shortly after her birthday in September.

But Bounty Killer was quick to offer Spice some clarity when she asked if he had ever fallen in love.

“I don’t fall in love. I’ve been in love. The fall part, me nuh do da part a love deh. I am a loving person, but I don’t plan to fall in no love. I plan to be in love and stay in love, and it’s great and wonderful to love. I have been in love and I have falled out, but I never falled in,” he said, laughing.