‘I don’t discriminate!’ Spice responds to critics over LGBTQ Pride festival performance

Queen of Dancehall Spice

‘Queen of Dancehall’ Spice has hit back at criticism from fellow entertainer Foota Hype over her decision to perform at a LGBTQ festival in Toronto, Canada.

The two are currently at loggerheads after the controversial selector called out the Go Down Deh deejay in a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday lamenting that Spice’s scheduled performance at Pride Month and Festival weekend next June was a “big L for the ancestors of Jamaica and the music given to us by the almighty.”

In another post, Foota Hype urged Spice to decline to perform at the Pride Month festival. This time, however, the selector took things a step further by indicating that the international market may not be giving Spice the recognition she deserves but suggested that throwing her morals to the wind was not the answer. The outspoken music personality even dragged fellow dancehall artiste Shenseea into the saga.

“Don’t try the wrong and strong thing @spiceofficial gi dem back di money find excuse u nuh bruck. Mi know it hurt say the international market nah gi u di respect and glory weh u deserve tru u nuh look Spanish or close to white like @shenseea dem and dem still nah go gi u. Don’t lose uself trying to win that battle. Do don’t destroy dancehall morality to please ur insecurities and ur ego. It’s not too late to cancel the show and save ur integrity and ur career.”

“I don’t discriminate! I love all my fans no matter what race or their sexual preference, it’s not my decision to make.”


Spice having caught wind of Foota Hype’s remarks urged the selector in a brief Instagram live session to apologise for his comments. The Queen of stage even put a timeline to her ultimatum stating that the selector had 24 hours to retract his statements or else.

Then in a subsequent post to her official IG page, Spice in indicating that she does not discriminate, lashed out at Foota Hype stating that her music goes way beyond him.

“I don’t discriminate! I love all my fans no matter what race or their sexual preference, it’s not my decision to make. So you’re upset because I’m performing at a pride event when you’ve been working for different pride organizers all your life? Well I’m very sorry but my music does not stop at your big st**king foot,” a part of the post read.

“I never told you I wanted to be white or Spanish looking. I’m extremely happy just the rich way I am, so stop the madness. You knowingly have lesbian and gay friends, that you and I both know, so I’m confused at this hypocrisy,” the post continued. “All I want is for you to just make everything make sense or is it only when a “SPICE” unu have a problem?”

The entertainer ended her post by reassuring her fans in Canada that she will be front and centre come July 2022. 

“TORONTO CANADA. I’ll see you soon,” she posted.