“I have nothing against Buju”: Dalton addresses critics over comments

Dalton Harris

Dalton Harris felt the full ire of Jamaicans on social media recently over comments he made comparing the reception he got when he returned to Jamaica after winning the X Factor in 2018 to that of International Reggae star, Buju Banton when he was released from prison.

In an interview with New York-based songwriter and coach Autumn Rowe, Dalton lamented the lack of warmth he feels from his home country.

But many people on social media did not take kindly to Harris comparing himself to Buju who they deemed was way out of his league.

On Saturday however, Dalton clarified that contrary to what was being propagated on social media, he’s not envious of Buju.

Buju Banton

“I have nothing against Buju. And he has nothing I am envious of. He is a legend in his own right. He could be my grandfather.” he said.

Dalton insisted that he’s led an exemplary life and career, and he did it without teaching hate. “They hate me because I speak the truth and challenge the f–ked up culture. So they will attack my talent and success and say I am envious,” the singer said.

Dalton also took aim at the people who spurred homophobic slurs at him, by calling them ‘dumb’.

“Buju, who they are defending with homophobic remarks towards me, has apologized to the LGBTQ community. So they are all so f—ing dumb.”

“But then again, ignorance rules their aggression and I pray they can live to defeat that. Sending you love.” he added.