“I haven’t even shipped one order”: Spice blasts woman who called her clothing line ‘trash’

Dancehall artiste Spice is not one to let it slide when she’s been wronged and one ‘fan’ found that out the hard way.

Dancehall artiste Spice

Spice, born Grace Hamilton, put an Instagram user on blast last evening (October 3) after she said her mother bought an item from the artiste’s new clothing line and it was “trash”.

The user said the material wasn’t comfortable and that it shrunk after her mother put it in the dryer, and then went further to tell Spice’s would-be customers to not purchase from the line. “Save you’re money this is not good quality”, she said.

“I just had had to post this to show you how people wicked Inna life.”

– Spice

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinions and the customer is usually right, but turns out that’s the problem; the user’s mother couldn’t have been a customer as Spice replied that shipping hasn’t even begun for her line.

“Your Mumma must be a bl**dcl**t Duppy Weh a do her own shipping because mi not even ship out one order yet and unu start hate pan mi already,” she said in reply that was screenshot and shared with her three million Instagram followers. She added, “Do mi a favor, Since Yuh draw yu mother Inna diss you and Yu mumma and fi mumma come bite mi,” she replied cuttingly.

Seemingly aware how the response may come across, Spice said she didn’t want anyone to tell her to be the bigger person, in the post’s caption. “I just had had to post this to show you how people wicked Inna life. I haven’t even shipped one order yet”, the Cool It artiste concluded.

Spice’s clothing line Graci Noir launched on October 1.