I-Octane defends posting video of woman suffocating baby

Reggae-dancehall artiste I-Octane is facing backlash after posting a video of a woman suffocating her six-month-old child.


The artiste, who said he was driven to post the content to bring the woman to justice, is being accused of stooping to ‘cyberlows’ in the name of clout and clicks.

The accusations have caused the entertainer to defend his actions in an Instagram video posted earlier today.

“Better unno come off a mi page and unfollow…mi nuh run down followers,” he started. “My page, a di realest thing dem mi a go put pon dis… A better seh if a did f**king mix up mi did post and who a obeah bloodcl**t who and who a chat who di whole a unno woulda run wid it. A dis yah ting yah we fi use we platform and do; highlight some a di f**kery dem weh a gwaan out deh.”

I-Octane added that as a parent, he couldn’t stand seeing the child being abused and said the video serves as a reminder to parents to be cautious about who spends time with their children.

“Mi have mi pickney dem enuh and any one a dem mother do dat mi a charge fi bloodcl**t murder,” he said. “Sometimes di truth hurt…we haffi highlight the truth, so she nuh kill di pickney one next time cause di pickney barely f**king survive… Unno have kids out deh and unno have nanny and dem something deh, people will f**k up unno pickney dem… So who nuh like it and a talk bout unfollow, s**k unno muma and unfollow cause unno a unfollow fi righteousness.”

According to NBC affiliate WLBT, the woman, Kiana Ruffin, has been charged with 20 counts of felony child abuse. The 24-year-old, from Marion, Lauderdale, received a bond of $1.5 million. The child protective services have since been contacted, and the baby is in stable condition.