I-Octane promises spontaneous, energetic set at Rebel Salute

I-Octane plans to thoroughly entertain the audience at Rebel Salute on Saturday night.

There is no manual or script that I-Octane adheres to when it comes to his performances. The dancehall singjay forms part of the final night at Rebel Salute on Saturday in St Ann and said his “secret” is rooted in reading his crowd.

“I’m an unpredictable performer so it depends on the energy of the crowd, and Rebel Salute has different, diverse characters so it depends on the energy,” he told BUZZ.

“Mi just a go please the people and go hard.”

— I-Octane

“Mi always just view the patrons and people nuh matter the event, and that is how I perform. It depends on the time I come out too. The earlier, the people dem more energetic and it much much easier. The later, dem been there for the whole entire night, so yuh haffi do something different to engage the crowd, that is how I view it.”

Game plan

He last appeared at the festival in 2018, which culminates on Saturday night at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove. In speaking about his own show metrics, I-Octane cautioned against artistes who rely on a game plan for any performance.

“A lot of artistes fail in terms of performance because dem have a particular game plan weh dem set, and when dem reach out there that game plan not working with the audience and dem don’t know how to switch it up,” he said. “I don’t really have a game plan per se, I just have an overall compact set. I know it’s gonna be a very energetic performance and something to remember. Mi just a go please the people and go hard, but it a go be something spontaneous weh mi just read the crowd and work with them.”

Beenie Man is just one of the many acts booked for Rebel Salute.

Hot Ras

Fans can also expect to see his daughter Octavia share the stage with him at some point, as he announced on social media.

“She have a song weh she record, so mi always carry her and mek she sing it. It’s called Don’t Trust, but it nuh release yet, just doing some promotions.”

Oh, there’ll also be his new and improved body, as the ‘Hot Ras’ started his fitness journey at the beginning of the year.

“When you see me at Rebel Salute mi a go hot and nice,” he said.

Night two will also feature performances from artistes like Beenie Man, Richie Spice, Queen Ifrica, I-Wayne, Lady G, Jesse Royal, Mortimer, George Nooks, Errol Dunkley, Benjy Myaz and Chronic Law, who will perform as Akeem Campbell.