I Octane says he’s no criminal after name mentioned at Clansman trial

Dancehall artiste I Octane has come out to defend himself after his name was mentioned in the Clansman trial.

I Octane’s name was mentioned by a former don, turned witness in the trial.

The court on Tuesday (October 2) heard that the witness along with Andre Bryan and gang member Fabian Johnson would frequently visit a recording studio, which he said was owned by I Octane.

In a Instagram post I Octane sought to distance himself from the gang and the witness, noting that his studio is used by many individuals who he does not know personally.

According to I Octane, artiste work with a plethora of individuals, pointing to the fact that he had done dubplates for politicians and had performed at parties put on by policemen.

He pointed out that in doing business with these individuals, he does not necessarily know them.

“People me never know seh voicing music for an established recording company is a crime… Mi bus from mi a 16/17 – over 15 or more years now and mi voice for so many GHETTO LABELS…. Buss nuff ghetto yutes who a produce music from di ghetto and never involve or mention in any criminal activities, so why now, ” I Octane wrote in the captions below a news article on the matter.

LJust let me clarify something that I see on the net. 1st thing no one escort me to studio…Do your research… People in the music can tell you I have my own recording studio so when anybody wants to do any form of recording dem meet me at the studio,” he added.

I Octane vehemently denied knowing anything about ‘badness’ .

The entertainer further said that in his fifteen years in music he had come across a plethora of individuals always aspiring to take people out of badness, rather than advocating for it .

“Note, I don’t know nothing about dem badness but dem ask for help – just to record a song on a riddim so they can get into producing and me nah go tell no lies, me record fi dem over and over because I want to show dem say life nuh stop a badness,” he added.

I Octane better known as Byiome Muir rose to fame in 2007 for his social commentary roots reggae track “Stab Vampire” which climbed to the top of several Jamaican charts.

 In 2009, I-Octane topped the charts again with his songs “Mama You Alone” and “Lose A Friend”, and the latter of which was later adapted as a tribute to those who died during the police manhunt for Christopher “Dudus” Coke in Tivoli Gardens.