I Voltage winning with Mavado collab

Singjay I Voltage isn’t surprised that his latest release, Never Go Win, has racked up close to half a million YouTube streams since its premiere last week.

The track is a collaboration with dancehall heavyweight Mavado, and offers motivation through their own experiences of overcoming obstacles.

“We realise seh dah song yah have feeling and it personal too as well because if you listen to weh the song really a talk bout it’s a non-fictional song so it have sentiments to both artists,” I Voltage told BUZZ.

 “If you listen Mavado part you can hear him a talk bout him mother and him struggles so basically a just two struggle meet together, two pain together become dah collaboration deh.”

Mavado’s mother, Elizabeth ‘Ms Pinny’ Gordon, died in March.

I Voltage delivers his own lyrical testimony from surviving a car crash and picking up the pieces from a flooded house, to persevering in music despite being benched by several producers. Their soul-baring has earned the artistes “trending” spots on YouTube all week, and commendation from fans.

“Mi feel grateful because we deh yah a do di game long time so it just good fi know seh a icon like ‘Vado come and give we the strength and give we the platform fi showcase the thing the right way so it’s a good look so far.”

Interestingly, the song was never intended for a collaboration. I Voltage recorded it for producers Tommy G Records and Keno4Star Productions for his upcoming debut EP Dirt Road.

 Mavado, whom he described as a good friend, heard the record and decided to add to the project.
Dirt Road pays homage to I Voltage’s Bull Bay community and will host no less than seven tracks.

“There is more collabs on there. We have features with Lance and we have a new youth name Droppy and quite a few more. We nuh waan give out all of the details but just expect one nice compilation of work. We just waan uplift we self and the community, everybody, so we just have some uplifting songs  on the EP so it’s a good vibe.”

For the artist who grabbed ears in 2015 with Burial Money,  he hopes the project will take his career to the next level.

I Voltage is also working on visuals for upcoming releases.