‘If a dirt, a dirt’: Saharan dust is no joke, but no one told Caribbean people

The Saharan dust is no joke, but somehow the Internet has managed to make this rather serious situation just that.

The Saharan dust cloud, blowing all the way from North Africa, has been slowly moving its way across the Caribbean since the start of the week.

It has affected air quality, visibility, temperatures and tempers regionally, as it reached peak density (and frustration) in Jamaica today.

The region, and the world to be honest, has been faced with a LOT these past few months – coronavirus, devastated economies, the death of Kobe and no Olympic Games to raise our collective spirits – so we could have done without yet another thing. Truly.

However, in true Caribbean style, the region has banded together to make a mountain out of a dust hill.

While the potential health risks, particularly to people with respiratory illnesses, remains, it’s nice to know that this (dust) cloud has a silver lining.

Here are some of our favourite online responses that made us chuckle just a little too hard: