Ikaya to share life story on upcoming project

Jamaican singer Ikaya is excited about her upcoming project. (Photo: singersroom.com)

When it comes to Jamaican songstress Ikaya, you can almost always be sure of two things: She’s either rocking a venue somewhere in the world, or she’s cooking up something in the studio. This time around the singer is busy finalising an EP which she expressed much excitement about.

“I’m always working, so we’re completing this body of work now which expresses me and my life story,” she told BUZZ. “Da Professor from New York will also be on the project, so I’m excited about the release of that.”

“I put myself in the position of other people so they can relate to whatever music I put out.”

— Ikaya

Be it songs like Leave Me Alone, Ugly Girl, Hard Way, Fly Away or These Tears, Ikaya’s knack for telling stories about the complexities of love, hardships of life or even just that picker-upper you may need, has made her staple in the playlists of many.

Relatable music

Though the release date for the project is not confirmed, she said there will be songs that resonate with all.

Ikaya prides herself on releasing music that is relatable.

“I put myself in the position of other people so they can relate to whatever music I put out,” she said. “This body of work will be no different. It’s basically life situations, relationship situations… I do something for everybody and something that appeals to every audience.”

Ikaya is also gearing up to release a collaboration with Mr Love & Affection himself, Pressure Busspipe. The track, dubbed Buss Pipe, is being produced by Atlanta’s Young Boy Production.

“I’m excited about that new single which we’re about to drop, and people can follow me @Ikaya1soul on Instagram to check the updates and know when these projects are out,” Ikaya said.