‘I’m blessed’: Popcaan shares photo of childhood home

Dancehall artiste Popcaan

Dancehall artiste Popcaan has come a long way, and he’s not taking it for granted. The ‘Unruly Boss’ recently shared a photo of what is believed to be his childhood home in St Thomas, and the small blue structure, with zinc roofs, and a zinc fence, had him feeling sentimental.

“When yuh Bless, Yuh Bless!!! God gave me a talent and i work very hard with it and i’ll never take it for granted.. #FOREVERGRATEFUL 🙏🏿 don’t hate non a my blessings,” he captioned the photo.

And his fans were here for the progress.

“Dem si di glory an nuh know di story,” one commented.  

“Works and your greatness never stop,” another added.

His sister, Unruly Squid was also in the comment section and shared in the reflective moment.

“Never forget weh mi come from!,”“Far wi a come from!! They dont know the story bro #grateful,” she wrote.

His childhood home cannot compare to the $5.5 million mansion Popcaan acquired in Ghana back in January 2020, and though he hasn’t shown off where he lived here in Jamaica, we’re betting it’s just as grandeur. After all, the Silence deejay once encouraged other artistes to have houses “everyweh”.

“Over Africa wicked man ting. Mi jus buy mi brand new house over Ghana. Yuh haffi have house everyweh!” he said.