I’m doing me! Tifa says she will no longer please other people

Days after releasing one of her more explicit tracks, C.S.M, dancehall artiste Tifa is declaring that she will be doing things her way from now on.

Dancehall artiste Tifa

Going forward, the entertainer says she will what she wants and live how she pleases.

“This is not a new chapter for me! This is a whole new book 📖 This is where I do me! & do me to the fullest! Do what I want! Sing what I want! Live how I want! DO ME,” she captioned an Instagram post on Monday.

“For a long time I pleased everybody except myself! & 80% of those people turned to be ungrateful sh*ts!!🤣😂 The sweet talented soul is still there underneath it all, but just with a different outlook🤸🏽‍♀️ All a who nuh like it #CSM.”

Her post is quite appropriate, as Tifa is known for releasing cleaner tracks. C.SM. is definitely a different kind of song for the Spell It Out entertainer, as she blasts the haters and those who constantly speak negatively about her. There are also some expletives in the mix.

However, her usual creativity is seen in the fun music video that accompanies the track.

“Creative, clean video and the lyrics hilarious and catchy,” one viewer commented.