“I’m not crazy”: Kanye serious about presidential bid

(Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)

Guess what BUZZ Fam, rapper Kanye West is actually serious about his intention to be the next president of the United States of America.

And in an interview with Forbes, Kanye revealed why he’s running for president and shared his opinion on some very topical issues; like abortion, and vaccines.

“God just gave me the clarity and said it’s time. You know I was out there, ended up in the hospital, people were calling me crazy. I’m not crazy.” he said.

His conservative view on abortion is one that is shared by current president, Donald Trump. “I am pro-life because I’m following the word of the Bible,” he said.

And even while scientists all over the world race to fight a vaccine to fight the coronavirus pandemic that has so far killed more than half a million people, if it was up to Kanye, no one would use it.

“It’s so many of our children that are being vaccinated and paralyzed. . . . So when they say the way we’re going to fix Covid is with a vaccine, I’m extremely cautious. That’s the mark of the beast. They want to put chips inside of us, they want to do all kinds of things, to make it where we can’t cross the gates of heaven,” he said.

The US elections are constitutionally due in November 2020