“I’m not done”: Bounty Killer working on album with Damian Marley

Bounty Killer (left) Damian Marley (right)

What happens when dancehall veteran, Bounty Killer, and international reggae superstar, Damian Marley collaborate on a project? Well according to Bounty Killer the result will be ‘real hardcore dancehall’.

BUZZ Fam, the Warlord has found himself back in the studio and is working on his first album in 18 years with Grammy-winning artiste, Damian Marley.

And if we’re to take Bounty Killer’s word for it, it will be quite something. “Junior Gong is gonna be the executive producer.  So it’s gonna be something to listen to. It’s gonna be the real dancehall. I’m gonna remind them what dancehall is.  Some people don’t remember what dancehall is and what the real foundation is so we gonna take them to the real hardcore,” he said.

Bounty was discussing the upcoming album in an interview with disc jockey Nikki Z recently in which he adamantly stated that he’s “not done”

“I am not done, I am not dead. I am ready again. And, it has been like 18 years I put out an album 2002.  The Ghetto Dictionary-that’s my last album. That’s two generations actually, so it’s overdue- way past overdue, so I am working on an album with Ghetto Youths,” he said.

Indicating that he’ll be “building up the fire, and gassing up di place.”