‘I’m proud of you guys’: Tanya Stephens says conversations about sex have evolved

Oral sex is still taboo among some people in Jamaica, but singer Tanya Stephens is happy that the conversations around sex are changing.

The Boom Wuk singer explained that in the 90s, it was against the dancehall rules to touch certain topics.

“Back in the 90s when I first recorded Freaky Type it was met with shock. No man, woman, boy or girl had ever even attempted to break the hypocritical Dancehall “bowcat fi dead!” monotone,” she said in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

“The men in Dancehall echoed the sentiment of the men in the streets and together they formed a bizarre choir singing of the abomination that was oral sex. When the song became popular one artiste asked me if I was trying to kill my career.”

While some men in dancehall claimed they hated the track, Stephens said that the audience loved it.

Soon after, Cham came with Boom Suck.

Stephens also did Goggle that makes reference to oral sex.

Ridiculous taboo

But things have changed since then, and several artistes, including Ishawna and Dovey Magnum, Vybz Kartel and Konshens, touched the topics.

“The young adults of today don’t know of that ridiculous taboo and that conversation has changed enormously! Sometimes I get impatient but I am forcing myself to remember where we’re coming from and how far we’ve evolved,” Stephens said.

“Sometimes you travel a lot slower but you always come around, and I’m proud of you guys!”

The topic also came up recently when Ce’Cile appeared on ‘Spice It Up’ that is hosted by dancehall artiste Spice.

Ce’Cile said that she was often booed in the early 2000s after she did Do It To Me Baby, a song about men performing oral sex on women.

“Di man dem used to boo mi pon di stage… some of them were such hypocrites though cause I remember one situation I think it was at Aslyum. What happened is the girls used to make so much noise that you could barely hear the boos, but I was getting booed,” she said.