“I’m Shenseea, in my mind”: Wayne Marshall, Tami Chin deliver on #LighterChallenge

Shenseea’s #LighterChallenge has taken on a life of its own, as fans and fellow artistes show off their renditions of the singer’s vocals on the Taurus Riley collab.

Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin Mitchell

The latest to join the challenge is none other than everyone’s favourite artistes turn YouTubers, the Mitchells – Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin.

In a clip shared by Mrs Mitchell today (September 13), the couple are shown travelling in a vehicle while Tami explains just how the challenge will be done.

“Dat nuh bad. It nuh great, but it doa bad.”

– Tami Chin Mitchell

“You have to do the harmony cause you’re gonna do Taurus’s part and I’m doing the lead cuz I’m Shenseea, in my mind,” Tami says.

Unfazed, Mashall asks, “Wah the key?” to which Chin responds with one-line peek at the cuteness that will follow.

Before jumping in, Marshall points out that the camera “shaky skaky” to which Chin matter of factly replies “…then don’t drive so fa…tek time.”

The hilarity continues after they sing the first line of the song “baby when the bright light starts to fade,fire up the lighter” to which Chin immediately corrects Marshall’s ‘proper’ pronunciation of ‘lighter’ with “No, lighta! Lighta!”

Marshall then asks “Wah the difference, b?” before the pair go on to deliver a brilliant version, which even the two had to agree was pretty darn decent.

“Dat nuh bad. It nuh great, but it doa bad,” Chin said while a laughing Mitchell agreed “It doa bad!”

Check out the clip below, BUZZ fam!