‘I’m who they tryna be’: Cardi B becomes first female rapper with diamond song

Cardi B keeps proving she’s one of the best rappers out there and her latest achievement will help to solidify that.

Cardi B

The Bodak Yellow artiste has become the first female rapper to achieve diamond status for the 2017 hit.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) made the announcement yesterday, confirming the track’s sales of 10 million units sold in the United States.

Cardi B shared a video response to the accomplishment, which comes just days ahead of her Grammy Awards performance.

“I know I’ve been rehearsing all day today, I’m really stressed out, my body’s aching,” Cardi said. “At rehearsal, they said to me, ‘Yo, you gotta meet up with Atlantic execs.’ I’m like, ‘Yo I’m f**king tired like I don’t wanna talk about no Grammys, I don’t wanna talk about no album, I’m just tired.”

But after being taken to the restaurant, despite her best attempts to get out of it, the rapper was met with the diamond plaque.

“I just wanna say thank you guys so much because without you guys, this wouldn’t have happened,” Cardi said. “This really made my day and really uplifted me for this crazy performance. I know you guys are gonna be really happy.”