Intence and Govana release ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ collab

Dancehall artistes Intence (left) Govana (right)

Dancehall deejay Intence is reflecting on his musical journey in his newly-released single, Public Enemy No. 1, which features Govana.

The collaboration, produced by JOP and Crash Dummy Productions, unfolds like a conversation as Intence shares his highs and lows in music with Govana.

Govana deejays:

Mi tell yuh yaa go dweet before yuh through the gate

Glad seh yuh hold it and nuh lose the faith 

Now everything yuh do a start a new debate

Gwaan dweet. Yo, every ghetto youth fi great

Yeah man, mi see seh dem nuh like yuh

But mi tell yuh seh dem woulda fight yuh

Society nuh like weh dem cya control so the boasy slave dem hate yuh like poison 

Govana encourages him to stay focused, as he can relate to coming from the inner city and going after his dreams for his family, friends and community. 

Intence positively receives the advice and lauds Govana and Aidonia for being the first artists to bring him on a stage. Many fans can recall Intence and I Waata driving around with Aidonia and the 4th Genna squad as novices. Some folks chalked them up as ordinary entourage, but the artists have worked to develop their own careers and catalogue.

Intence’s popularity began in 2018 with the release of his breakout hit Go Hard. With his newfound fame also came criticism as the track was accused of promoting scamming.

Then came criticisms about his skin bleaching and straightened hair, then the tattoo in his forehead. His relationship with Spice’s ex-dancer Dancing Rebel became another online spectacle. His “public enemy” status was solidified when his music videos consistently hit trending positions on YouTube and incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel suggested that he was paying for the top spot. The claim kick-started friction between Gaza supporters and Intence’s Yeng fanbase.

Despite the drama, Intence has remained focused by dropping new music and visuals non-stop. Public Enemy No. 1 is the title track of his mixtape which is scheduled for release on March 26. The project will feature at least 13 tracks with additional features from artists I Waata and Jah Cure.