Intence causes stir with visit to high school in Cayman

Some parents in the Cayman Islands were hopping mad when they found out that Jamaican artiste, Intence, visited an educational institution on the island and was allowed to address the students.

The dancehall artiste visited John Gray High School on Thursday (June 25) to much fan fare.

BUZZ understands that the artiste was invited to the school to address the Boys to Men mentorship group during a lunch time event.

While Intence did not perform at the school, he did offer a word of encouragement to his student audience.

“Good afternoon John Gray High School, right,” said Intence as he began his address.

“ We nah no long time, so me just a mek the youths dem know seh dem fi stay in school, focus, work hard –not only hard – but smart , big up unno self,” added Intence, who was met with a loud applause and cheering from the students, who were clearly enamoured by his presence.

After spending less than a minute in front of the group, which was only to be young men in the mentorship programme but was ambushed by other star struck students, Intence was quickly whisked away by members of the his entourage and the security team.

However, students clearly wanted more from Intence, with a crowd descending on the artiste as he attempted to leave the venue, with many fighting to touch the artiste, and others seeking to get a fist bump.

Despite the students love for the Jamaican deejay, some parents were livid about the artiste’s visit noting that based on the message he promotes in his music he was not a good influence on the island’s youth.

While others discriminated against the artiste based on his skin, suggesting that his red/ pink complexion was due to the dangerous practice of skin bleaching; a practice they notedwas  linked to anti-social behaviours.

Some parents okay with Intence’s visit

However not all parents were disgruntled by the controversial artiste’s visit , with one parent noting that while she doesn’t agree with Intence’s music, she added that his message to the students was a positive one.

“ I don’t get the big deal he didn’t perform and his message was to stay in school, what’s wrong with that,” one parent with a daughter at the high school told BUZZ

“ Listen , them same parents yah a play  Intence inna the car on the way home, he came to address a mentor group and it seems he delivered as he should have,” added another.

Intence arrived in Cayman in late May and spent two weeks, as mandated by local laws,  in quarantine.

He performed at the Havoc cooler fete on June 18.

Intence left the Island on Friday (June 25).