Interesting… Shaquille O’Neal sprays himself with Lysol

Shaquille O’Neal participated in the Lysol challenge on Tuesday.

With the coronavirus outbreak keeping people inside their homes, it seems people now have too much time on their hands.

Yes, Shaquille O’Neal, we’re talking about you.

The former basketball star took things to another level on Tuesday when he sprayed himself with Lysol during the #lysolchallenge.

“U trying to poison yourself?”

— social media user

Yup, with his mouth open, Shaq sprayed Lysol on himself – all over his face, head and upper body.

Thanks LYSOL . Everybody be safe love y’all #LYSOLCHALLENGE,” was the caption for his video.

As Jamaican man once said: “Dis nuh safe.”

And that was the general sentiment from many persons who watched the video.

One social media user asked: “U trying to poison yourself?”

“Read the instructions shack …not meant for inhalation,” another added.

Based on the ingredients in Lysol, his followers are pretty correct, so it might be best to sit this challenge out, BUZZ fam.