Is Blak Ryno bleaching?

Is dancehall singjay Blak Ryno bleaching? That’s what many are wondering following a screengrab of the artiste which is making the rounds on social media.

Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno

It seems the former Gaza affiliate was on Instagram Live recently flaunting a lighter skin tone. This comes two weeks after he used the same platform to announce that he’d be premiering a “new image, new style, new everything” in the upcoming weeks.

He had also ended that same Live by jokingly saying he had to go as he was going to “put on his bleaching cream.”

The artiste has noticeably removed all prior posts from his social media, and only has a promotional post of his upcoming 10-track album, Jaedi Return, on his profile. The album cover features the dark-skinned Ryno folks are accustomed to.

Reactions have been few and mixed to the artiste’s alleged bleaching, with most having a hard time remembering who he is.

“Him did alive?” one person asked.

“Who name so again?”

“A nuh black Ryno that, a white Ryno.”

“A weh him did deh?”

Few dismissed that he is actually bleaching, which is fair considering the stunts dancehall acts have employed to attain some relevance in the space.

The last act to try the bleaching tactic was Spice in 2018, for the promotion of her single Black Hypocrisy and Capture EP. Though she said the stunt served as a way to highlight the colourism that she has faced, it must be said that these tactics, especially when done on a grand scale, usually result in excessive media coverage, a boost in social media following and interest in the artiste’s latest project, all of which were the result of her stunt.

Ryno could use all of those benefits, as indeed, he is about to release an upcoming album, but he’s also struggled with being relevant in the Jamaican space for several years. He also seems to have a “comeback” or return every year.

Other artistes to have employed stunts and gimmicks include Alkaline (contact lens), Vybz Kartel (skin bleaching), RT Boss (fake relationship with Mackerel) and Spice (fake relationship with “pool bae).