Is Dovey Magnum pregnant?

It is often said that there’s a time and place for everything, but is Mother’s Day ever the time to fake a pregnancy?

Dovey Magnum (Photo: Facebook)

The question arises as Dovey Magnum’s pregnancy announcement earlier today (May 10) is receiving mixed feedback from followers. The United States-based singer, who already has a teenage son, took to Instagram to post a video of a pronounced belly which she rubs in a bathroom.

“Happy Mother’s Day 2MEEE. I’m so bless soooo bless!! Wasn’t gonna share this but it’s a blessing,” she captioned before dropping the baby and baby bottle emojis.

Fellow industry peers did not shy away from publicly sending their congratulations to the ‘Bawl Out’ singer:

“Congrats sweetpea…. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your beautiful family,” said Rre.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Hood Celebrity.

“Congrats Juju, I know you and ya rich a*** man gonna raise a beautiful baby. I’m hoping for a girl,” said Starr Dawkins.

Producer Trackstarr added, “Glad you finally mek dem know now… so you can start stay inna house now…cause quarantine never a mek you stay home.”

But as with all things social media, the roasts are never too far away.

“Happy Mother’s Day Dovey Magnum. Gas is a hell of a ting,” said deejay Blade Merital.

“It’s Mother’s Day Dovey, not ‘All Fools Day’. Happy Mother’s Day sweetie…” said one user.

“Take a laxative and enjoy your day Dovey,” chimed another.

“Pull in back yuh belly,” commented another.

While the outspoken entertainer has not responded directly to the doubtful comments, time will satisfy the curiosity of those pondering if Dovey reallt has a baby on the way.