Is ‘fast fashion’ really a problem?

We all love to shop. We can buy clothes for as cheap as J$500. However, can you imagine shopping at your favourite stores like Fashion Nova, or going stores in Jamaica’s capital like 2020 Fashion, and getting some trendy clothes; only to find out that what you are purchasing is contributing negatively to the environment?

Buying cheap comes at a high cost which is destroying the environment.

Fast fashion is trendy, cheap, ready-made clothes that are 60% synthetic, non-biodegradable material. It is when big branded stores like Ralph Lauren produces environmentally friendly fashion and then stores like Zara, reproduces these fashion pieces with synthetic materials. 

Fast Fashion environmental impacts are:

Fast fashion destroys the air we breathe. When we dispose of them by burning, it affects the ozone layer giving off more carbon dioxide. 

Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to water pollution. Toxic chemicals that are used to dye the materials leaks into the water system when we wash our clothes.

When we dispose of fast fashion on land it doesn’t break down. It gets buried by dirt and the ink from the material leaks into the earth, preventing plants from growing. 

Remember, fast fashion is made up of plastic. What happens to plastic when we dispose of it inappropriately? Nothing good that is for sure.

Instead, we can recycle the clothes we don’t want or donate to charity and thrift stores that will revamp and renew them. By doing this, we won’t eliminate the issue with fast fashion, however, it does reduce it. 

I know we want to look trendy- but let’s be trendy and save the world at the same time. Point is BUZZ fam, never refuse to reuse