Is Macka Diamond planning to show more skin on OnlyFans?

When Macka Diamond joined OnlyFans last week, it was said that she would be using it to promote her music. But it seems the dancehall artiste might eventually offer a lot more.

Entertainer Macka Diamond joined OnlyFans last week. (Photo: Instagram – Macka Diamond)

In a recent Instagram post, the entertainer teased that she might share “naked pics.”

“One woman against the world and them no look good like me😍🥰😇 ruff ruff ask the #dondog if she can look like this the war is on,” she captioned a photo in which she is wearing a pink outfit with ruffles.

“Wait till the naked pics drop. You all better subscribe to my #onlyfans for exclusive view my #moneydiamonds.”

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The post comes days after Macka Diamond joined the adult-oriented subscription-based platform after it was alleged that her sex tape had been leaked by social media personality Pretti Don.

After throwing words on social media, Macka Diamond released Doggy Don, a diss song for Pretti Don, who responded with Who Let The Dog Out. It didn’t end there, as Macka returned fire with Time Bomb.