Is Nicki Minaj preggers??

The Pettys lookin’ goodt on Valentine’s Day (Photo: Instagram @NickiMinaj)

Nicki Minaj has the Barbs buzzing with speculation as to whether she’s expecting a baby Barbie or Ken soon.

The Anaconda rapper posted a clip of her husband Kenneth Petty posted rubbing her belly in their private jet on Saturday. At the time, the pair had just touched down in Trinidad for Carnival.

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Fans immediately started demanding answers.

“Girl are u pregnant or not?” one person wrote.

“It’s twins sis I can feel it in my left toe,” another said to which Nicki replied with a crying emoji.

“SIS WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US?” questioned another. “that I’m in Trinidad & I’m excited to be back,” the rapper wrote back.

“Sis you pregnant? LMK,” posted a third to which Nicki Minaj responded, “I’ll call you.”

This isn’t the first time fans have wondered if the Queen musician was expecting.

Just a few days ago, she left a cryptic response when a fan asked her what exactly was she celebrating.

Last October she posted a tweet saying “Expecting a…” before deleting it.

In a surprise move, Minaj filed for a marriage license with Petty in October and later admitted that she was keen to start a family.

“I’m not saying I’m pregnant. That’s the end goal,” she said during an episode of Queen Radio last year. “I think I have what I was striving for, just happiness. It was so hard to get to a happy place. Now that I’m there I don’t want to compromise that for anyone or anything.”

The couple is planning an official wedding ceremony for later this year.